Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Historical Feast!

I tend to forget my earlier books, and concentrate only on the most recent publication. I think it is probably a common failing among authors! So here I am, trying to do the right thing by my older titles. In publication order, most recent first, these are my titles:

Product DetailsAmazon Kindle, 25th December 2012
Melanie Grey, no longer a beauty and humbled by an abusive marriage, heads to Northumberland in hope of a quiet life, but soon discovers that her new employer has secrets. Unexplained night time activity, and a shooting that almost kills him - can Melanie deal with these things, or will she rush back to London?

Far After GoldAmazon Kindle, 12th June 2012
Emer struggles to escape the clutches of the young Viking who bought her as a bed slave and takes her to his home on the west coast of Scotland. He wants to keep both slave and wife, but his promised bride threatens to sell Emer to the next passing trader. Accused of theft, Emer flees the Steading and heads out into the wilds.

MuseItUp Publishing on Amazon Kindle, 4th April, 2012
Product DetailsSet in England in 1803, Frances is happy with her life until two men appear in the neighbourhood. Jack she knew as a child, but does not recognise the man he has become. Holgate cuts a fine figure in his regimentals but impresses Frances's mother rather more than he does Frances. A frightening episode with Holgate leads Frances to consider a marriage of convenience, but that leads to problems neither she nor her new husband envisaged. The penultimate chapter strips all emotions bare.

Amazon Kindle, 6th December 2011
Product DetailsInspired by the place where I have spent so many happy summer holidays, this is the story of a new love finding its feet and an old love that wants a truth to be known. Melissa and Rory have been at the old mill barely twelve hours when the first ghostly manifestation takes place. The old mill actually exists in France - but without ghosts!
Product DetailsAmazon Kindle, 13th October, 2011
Set in 1543 in the border country between England and Scotland, Alina falls in love and is horrified when her father threatens to kill Harry by sending him over the Leap. Encounters with reivers are sometimes amusing, and sometimes horrifying. Alina and her lover find themselves caught up in the feuds that rage across the border.
Product Details
Write Words, Inc, on Amazon Kindle, 28th June 2006
ShoAs the newly crowned King of Alba, Finlay feels obliged to rescue a young girl kidnapped and taken to Dublin, the Dark Pool of the title. The story belongs to Eba, who has no idea that a ship intent on her rescue has followed her to Ireland. Believing she must save herself, she is horrified when Sitric Silkenbeard orders her marriedage to a handsome but cruel youth and seizes her chance to escape during an attack on the Viking city.
Write Words, Inc on amazon Kindle, 25th January,  2006
Product Details “Though there is a major romantic subplot, THE BANNERS OF ALBA is more a magnificent medieval fiction that brings to life the eleventh century through the power struggles. Readers will appreciate the internal dilemma confronting the hero as he must choose between two paths filled with deceit. Symbolically the two women in Finlay's life represent the choices he has. As the champion learns that picking what he deems is good for Alba is not necessarily good for him, readers obtain an exhilarating historical thriller starring a hero worth rooting for." Harriet Klausner.

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