Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Guest blog: Regan Walker - 'Wind Raven'

Cofresí stood on the quarterdeck of the English ship watching the girl as she walked to the prow, her arms wrapped tightly around her as she faced away from him. Her golden hair reflected the sun’s rays like some mythical being, drawing him to her. He knew from her voice she was American, perhaps one who had longed for liberty as much as he did. He had admired her bravery when, unafraid of his men, she had fought to be free. From the moment he first saw her, he wanted her, his desire an immediate, tangible thing.

For some time, he had thought he should take a wife. His older brothers expected him to marry. Disappointed with his maritime activities, and abhorring his piracy, they hoped if he were to wed, he would settle down, leaving behind his days at sea.

He would not marry any of the cantina girls in Cabo Rojo who freely offered themselves to him, nor one of the village girls whose eager mamas shoved them toward him. And none of the docile daughters of the distinguished European families with whom he’d been raised appealed to him. No, he must have a woman with a strong will to match his own, a woman of courage, a woman of passion. Perhaps this golden-haired girl was the one for whom he’d been searching.

But why was she aboard the English merchantman? Was she Captain Powell’s woman?

Roberto vowed to discover the truth. Soon he would know all her secrets.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Welcome to the blog, Regan! I've tweeted your excerpt.

Regan said...

Thanks, Lindsay! Thanks for letting me share the mind of my pirate from Wind Raven!