Thursday, 13 September 2012

How Kindle changed my reading habits.

A year or two ago I was one of those people who didn't understand ereaders. I never thought I would be happy reading on an ereader after spending my life buying books. I grew up in a bookstore, so to speak, because my mother owned one for years. My first job at 10 was working in a bookstore.
But when the Kindle became popular it caught my interest, then a fellow author, Maggi Andersen, showed me her new kindle and how easy it was to use and buy books on, that I thought I should give it ago, though I still had misgivings about spending that much money on a reading device!
Anyway I bought my kindle in January and adored it from the moment I opened the box.
I love the ease of using  it, but more importantly I love the 'sample' function. It has to make the Kindle one of the most money-saving things I have bought. 
By using the sample function, I have found so many new authors, whose books I've at first sampled and then ended up buying. But it has also allowed me to test some unknown authors as well, and if I didn't like the sample, I've not bought the book and saved myself money! This wouldn't have been possible without the sample option. 

Here are some authors I've found by reading their samples on Kindle:
Gemini N. Sasson
Deanne Raybourn
Barbara Freethy
Cindy Gerard
De-ann Black

Oh, and a lot of old classics are available for free on Kindle, which is really good. 
I've read quite a few historical biographies for free, too.

I now take for granted the possibility of having several books available to read whenever I turn my Kindle on. I like the freedom of being able to have many books at my fingertips to choose from.  I also can search Amazon for more if I'm in a Wi-Fi area. Bliss!

Do be prepared though to spend a lot of time searching Amazon for books, a healthy pastime really, there are worse things to do, like shopping for toasters, or going to the dentist, scrubbing the toilet...

For more information on my books on Amazon's Kindle:


Maggi Andersen said...

We couldn't be without our Kindles now, could we, Anne?

Cathie Dunn said...

So true, Anne! A couple of those names are on my list, too.

I'd be lost without my Kindle...