Wednesday, 26 September 2012

'Marry in Haste' - Excerpt

My first novella, Marry in Haste, is now available on Kindle!  It’s a Regency romance and here is the blurb:-

‘I need to marry, and I need to marry at once!’

When James, Viscount Demarr confides in an acquaintance at a ball one evening, he has no idea that the potential solution to his problems stands so close at hand …

Amelia Ravenscroft is the granddaughter of an earl and is desperate to escape her aunt’s home where she has endured a life of drudgery, whilst fighting off the increasingly bold advances of her lecherous cousin.  She boldly proposes a marriage of convenience.

And Amelia soon proves herself a perfect fit for the role of Lady Demarr­­­. But James has doubts and his blossoming feelings are blighted by suspicions regarding Amelia’s past.

Will they find, all too painfully, that to marry in haste is to repent at leisure?


Before Amelia could think further, she jumped to her feet and half-ran over to the man by the balustrade. Obviously startled by the unexpected footfall behind him, he turned swiftly, and she saw him frown. ‘What the …?’ he began, then collected himself. ‘I beg your pardon, ma’am, I did not hear you come out.’ He bowed stiffly and threw his cheroot into the flower bed below, then made as if to step around her to return inside.
Amelia stopped him by the simple expedient of taking a step in the same direction. ‘I … I didn’t come out exactly,’ she stammered nervously. ‘I was sitting on the bench over there,’ she pointed towards the shadows behind them, ‘and I’m afraid I overheard your conversation with your friend.’
His eyes narrowed a fraction and he looked at her more closely. ‘I see. And did you learn anything of value?’ he asked sarcastically.
‘Well, yes, I mean no … I mean, oh I don’t know how to say this, but …’ She took a deep breath and the words came tumbling out in a rush. ‘I will marry you if you wish.’
The man stared at her as if she had suddenly grown two heads and Amelia cringed. She couldn’t understand what had possessed her to do this. She must be out of her mind, but having gone this far, she decided she may as well continue.
‘I don’t care for society at all, so I wouldn’t mind being snubbed the way you said your wife would be, and I come from a very good family. My grandfather was the Marquess of Ravenscroft.’
‘Was he indeed? If that is so, then why are you out here on your own proposing marriage to a stranger? I take it you don’t know who I am?’
‘Erm, no. No I don’t, but the thing is, it doesn’t matter. Anyone will do.’
‘How flattering. That makes me feel a lot better,’ he drawled.
Amelia took another deep breath. This was not going at all well and had it not been so dark, the man would have seen that she was blushing from head to toe. ‘What I meant was, like you, I need to marry and I cannot afford to be choosy. I’m one of those females you spoke of who would appreciate having my own establishment, rather than being dependent on an employer or relative. As long as you can give me a roof over my head and a ring on my finger, that is all that matters.’
He regarded her in silence, then shook his head as if he couldn’t believe this was happening. ‘Tell me, what is it you need to escape from? I take it there is a good reason for your desperation? Are you with child?’
‘No!’ Amelia was horrified. ‘Of course not. That’s the whole point – I’m trying to avoid being seduced out of wedlock.’
            ‘Perhaps you should start at the beginning? I’m finding myself increasingly muddled by your explanations. Come, let us sit on your hidden bench.’ He grabbed her elbow and steered her none too gently to the dark corner and sat down ...
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