Sunday, 15 June 2014

Guest blog: Chris Westcott - 'In the Shadow of Tyranny'

When the Emperor Nero causes the death of his parents, Gaius sees his future dreams and aspirations brutally shattered. Unexpectedly thrown a lifeline by Vespasian, his father’s closest friend and a celebrated military leader, an offer of a role in the campaign for Judea, finds him playing a pivotal role in the epic battle for Jerusalem.

Summoned back to Rome by Domitian, the new Emperor and his lifelong friend, Gaius finds his friend a changed man, a man capable of cold-blooded murder, and Gaius is swiftly dispatched to distant Britannia with orders for the island’s legendary governor, Agricola.

Forming a mutual respect with Agricola, Gaius embarks on a campaign that will end in triumph and terror, as with the opportunity to expand the Empire within their grasp, Gaius will find himself facing a choice on which the lives of his family and the fate of an Empire will hang.

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I have been obsessed by all things Ancient Rome for the best part of a decade. Having lost track of the number of fictional novels and historical books I have devoured, I was determined to make my own contribution to the genre. I have recently finished having my first novel, In the Shadow of Tyranny, edited and have finally summoned the courage to release it. My second novel (title to be determined!) is nearing completion.

To keep in touch for updates including titles coming soon, search for 'In the Shadow of Tyranny' on Facebook or find me on twitter @CWAncientRome.

Chris Westcott

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